Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I care for and handle human hair extensions and hair topper?
A: Cosmoclip Clip-in Hair Extesnsions and the Enchantop hair topper is created with the most luxurious 100% human hair. You can curl it, flat iron and style it like your own natural hair.

Q: Do I shampoo my Enchantop Hair Topper like regular hair?
A: To shampoo your Enchantop pin your topper to a Styrofoam head with T-pins or strait pins. Place the head and topper in a large sink. Turn on your water faucet and wet the hair. Apply your shampoo and glide it down the hair. Allow it to sit for 2 mins. then rinse. You can repeat the shampoo again if you have product build up. Once all shampoo has been rinsed out completely apply GK Hair deep conditioning mask. Let sit for 10-15 mins. then rinse. Create your desired part on left, middle or right. Then air dry or blow dry. Style as desired.


Q: How often should I shampoo my Cosmosclip Clip-in hair extensions and the Enchantop?
A: You will only need to shampoo your hair extensions and hair topper every 6-8 weeks. Shampooing to often can cause the hair to become brittle, tangled and dry. If your have product build up your may shampoo more often.

Q: Can I style Cosomoclips Clip-in Hair Extensions and the Enchantop with styling products like regular hair?
A: Yes. You can use regular styling products on your hair extensions and hair topper. Be sure that the products are hydrating. Products such as hydrating shampoos, GK hair deep conditioning treatments, GK hair shine serum are highly recommended. We also recommend a light holding spray to maintain your style.

Q: What's the difference between the Enchantop Medium, Enchantop Large, and Echantop Elite?
A: The Enchantop comes in three sizes. Enchantop Medium, Enchantop Large and Enchantop Elite.
The Enchantop Medium topper base size is 4L x 3.5W and the hair length is 10". The hair is an inch above the shoulders. Can be worn with Cosmoclip hair extensions.

The Enchantop Large topper base size is 8L x 6W and the hair length is 14". The hair is a couple inches past the shoulders. The large topper covers a larger percentage of your scalp. The hair can be cut to blend with your hair easily and beautifully. The Enchantop large can be worn along with Cosmoclip hair extensions.

The Enchantop Elite is one of our newest products and is available in 16"-18". The hair is several inches past the shoulders. Great for individuals with longer hair. The Enchantop Elite has a larger base size and longer hair than our Enchantop Large. The Enchantop Elite base size is 10L x 8W. The hair can be cut to blend with your hair easily and beautifully. For an even more natural look many customers choose to cut a fringe.
Q: How do I know what color to order?
A: If you are not sure what color to order we recommend ordering the color ring.
Q: How long are Cosmoclip Hair Extensions?
A: Cosomoclip Clip-in Hair Extensions are available in 14" and 18".
Q: Can you swim or shower with the topper and/or extensions if its human hair?
A: It is not recommended that you shower in your Enchantop or Cosomoclip hair extensions.
Q: Does it really fit snug or does it tend to fall out? Can I run or exercise with them?
A: The Enchantop and Cosmoclip hair extensions were designed specifically for women with fine, thin, thinning hair and hair loss. Because it is applied behind the hairline with our no slip grip clips it lays much flatter than wigs and stays securely in place all day. You can pull your hair back in a low ponytail and run and exercise in them.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?

A: Enchantop orders may take up to 48 hrs. to process. Once order is processed items will be shipped.

  • Standard Shipping: (delivery within 4-5 business days): FREE. Free shipping does not include insurance. If you would like to insure your package please contact us.
  • Expedited Shipping: USPS Priority Mail (delivery within 3-4 business days): $7.99 per order insurance included.


Q: Do you ship internationally

A: Yes. We do ship to international locations other than U.S. Territories and Military APO/FPO addresses. International shipping rates apply. If you need estimated shipping costs to your area please contact us.


Q: How can I pay for my order if I don't have a Paypal account.

A: We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. Once you are ready to checkout you will be directed to our secure checkout page. If you do not have a Paypal account or would like to pay with a credit card follow the instructions below.

Once you reach Step 5: Payment Method Click Continue

Payment method

At Step 6: Click Confirm Order
Confirm Order
You will then be directed to the secured Paypal payment screen. To pay with a credit card click the Don't have a Paypal Account link.
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Then enter your account info.




Snazy Lites

What are Snazzy Lites?
Snazzy Lites are a fun, fast, and non-damaging way to add a dash of color to your natural hair.

How long and how wide are Snazzy Lites?
Snazzy Lites are approximately 1 inch in width and 10 inches in length.

Can I curl and flat iron Snazzy Lites?
Yes. Snazzy Lites are made of 100% human hair so you can curl, flat iron, braid and blow-dry Snazzy Lites just like your natural hair.

How are Snazzy Lites applied?
It is very simple to apply Snazzy Lites. You just pop it, slip it, and clip it. Part your hair then pop open Snazzy Lites clip. Slip Snazzy Lites into hair and press clip.

Can I cut Snazzy Lites?
Yes. Snazzy Lites can be cut to blend with your current haircut. It is recommended that this is done by a professional to avoid cutting Snazzy Lites too short. Remember that your natural hair will continue to grow. When cutting, leave hair approximately ½” longer than your natural hair in order to get the maximum wear from your Snazzy Lites.

Will Snazzy Lites fall out of my hair?
Snazzy Lites clips are constructed with a no slip grip. If proper application instructions are followed Snazzy Lites will remain securely attached to your hair.

Can I sleep in Snazzy Lites?
It is not recommended that you sleep in Snazzy Lites. They should be removed before going to bed.

Can I shampoo Snazzy Lites?
Yes. To shampoo, fill a sink with water and shampoo. Dip Snazzy Lites into water and let soak for a few minutes. Rinse and apply conditioner. It is important to remove any tangles with a comb while conditioner is in. Start combing tangles from the ends of hair first and slowly work up towards clip. Once all tangles have been removed rinse conditioner and air dry on a towel or blow dry. It is not recommended to shampoo Snazzy Lites while they are still attached to your hair. Snazzy Lites colors may bleed onto clothing or natural hair when wet.

I would like to wear Snazzy Lites to my next sporting event. Can I purchase more than one color?
Yes. Snazzy Lites comes in a variety of colors. Any two or three colors can be purchased and mixed to represent the colors of your favorite sports team.

I run in marathons for non-profit organizations. Can I wear Snazzy Lites while running?
Yes. Snazzy Lites can be worn while running. You can purchase a Snazzy Lites color that represents your non-profit organization and wear it while running in your next marathon.

Will Snazzy Lites damage my hair?
No. If properly applied, Snazzy Lites will not cause any damage to your natural hair.

How do I store Snazzy Lites?
Snazzy Lites should be stored inside a plastic bag in a cool dry place